About us

Welcome to It’s Swice! We are a local boutique based in Fort Worth, Texas that sells women’s apparel and accessories.

I’m Candy Curry, a Fort Worth native who decided to start this business after many years as a stay at home mom. When my two kids started driving and were headed off to college, I needed a new passion to occupy my time. Though I worked for a large consumer products company for many years, I could think of nothing better than owning a clothing store that would allow me to connect with women and help them find new outfits from daily wear to upcoming celebrations, making memories and friendships for years to come.

And so, It’s Swice began in 2009 as a small boutique of 60 square feet in The Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile, a store front with a curated collection of 200+ local dealers and the Rose Garden Tea Room.

The name It’s Swice holds a special place in my heart. The term Swice was first used by my sister during a time when we were looking after my father and had reached a certain point of exhaustion; the phrase “that sounds swice” was said, and we laughed over whether she meant sweet or nice. My sisters and I to this day refer to each other, our daughters, nieces, and grandchildren as being not just sweet or nice, but Swice.

My father taught my sisters and me that we could be whatever we wanted to be in life. He taught us to be strong, smart women. I decided to honor him by naming my business where his principles would be remembered, and hoped I could spread a bit of Swice to the Fort Worth community.

The store has grown through the years by adding additional floor space through adjacent booths, moving aisles, and embracing a Swice mentality along the way. Today my store has expanded tenfold from that original 60 square feet booth, and I am thankful for the opportunity to cater to women of all ages and sizes, connect with my customers, and make friends along the way!

I am grateful for your support!



Inside The Mercantile 

7200 Camp Bowie Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76116


Store Hours

Monday - Saturday 10-8

Sunday 12-8

Online Store 24/7